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How to make friends with a man: manners Dignified appearance with a smile to boot will do its good work. During the conversation, you need to maintain eye contact, as if to hide his eyes to watch his feet, it will act as a signal of insincerity. However, it is not necessary to drill a person's gaze, lest he become embarrassed. Also the tendency to interrupt or speak in a condescending tone will not play into the hands of those looking for new acquaintances. Know-it-all, constantly emphasizing the ignorance of others, is probably not someone you want to PAL.

The other person is to be regarded as rudeness. The one who is constantly teasing others, often thinks he has a wonderful sense of humor, actually very offended and hurt others. There are those that live by the principle "There are only two opinions - mine and wrong". Therefore, they will impose it on everyone, and this is an outright bad manners. How to make friends: the first step towards It is not easy.

Once there are questions like "what if nothing happens?", "Not think if he (she) that I harass people?". When we are talking about a very strange person, say, at the bus stop, in transport or queue, then you can casually throw some phrase, for example, the stuffiness in the bus, the queue length or the weather is nice. If he supports the conversation, you can continue in the same spirit. Topics of conversation it is better to take a neutral, to avoid issues of politics, racism. Most importantly, remember: this unobtrusive communication to nothing obliges, at any time you can stop. But, on the other hand, if the conversation is to "hook" both of you can get a new and interesting acquaintance. The same applies to neighbors at home, employees at work, mothers with strollers in the yard - all those who have to see you every day, but there was no reason to talk. The goal of any such talks is to find common interests. If both people like each other, then their friendship may eventually grow into a strong friendship. As you can see, the question of how to make a new friend, no big deal. A sincere interest To know how to make friends with the right people, don't need to be the most sociable in the world. It is enough to show genuine interest in others.

Often people take years to learn or work together, but know almost nothing about each other. Simple everyday question "How are you?" or "How was your weekend?" can become a bridge to further communication. You can try to tie the conversation and the reaction of the individual to determine whether he wants to devote the others in their lives or not. Of course, the first time may not enter folding of the conversation. To impose ugly, but despair should not be. Modest refreshments, non-committal gift, SMS is not considered to be something grandiose, but will give a man to understand that he cares, think about it.