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Cryotherapy is a medical procedure of complex impact on the body. It demonstrates its effectiveness at the cellular level, exerting a regulatory influence on metabolic physiology, the work of the immune system and the endocrine system.

At its core, this technique is the effect of low temperatures Cryolipolisys on the tissues and cells of the skin, internal organs. Thus, the technique stimulates regenerative processes, lymph flow, blood circulation, and metabolism in the body. The consequence of this universal influence is the achievement of a pronounced therapeutic effect, rejuvenation, general recovery, increased vitality and improved appearance. At the same time, this method contributes to the strengthening of neurohumoral processes, stress resistance and recovery of performance.

The essence of the method and the principle of action on the body

The name of this procedure comes from a combination of two Greek terms - "cryo", meaning "cold" and "therapy" - treatment. From these definitions, it becomes obvious that this method involves the influence of a cold environment on the cells of organs and tissues.

Such a cold effect is produced with a short exposure period. Depending on the medical or cosmetic indications for cryotherapy procedures, they can last from a few seconds to 3 minutes.

The temperature of the cooling agent in this case reaches the range from -110 to -195 degrees. With this freezing effect, free radical molecules, dead and pathological cells are affected. Tissues affected by malignant or benign tumors are regenerated with varying degrees of intensity and get rid of such neoplasms.

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At the same time, cryotherapy for medical purposes has a beneficial effect on the bone tissues, cartilage of the joints and vertebral column.

A short session is enough to activate the regeneration of all the tissues in the treatment area of the body. Nutrition at the cellular level under the influence of subzero characteristics with a sharp transition from the usual body temperature increases many times. This is due to the antispasmodic contraction of muscle fibers and the walls of blood arteries, veins and capillaries, followed by their expansion. Such a resonant effect increases the intensity of the blood flow, and also stimulates the activity of the exchange process with nutritional components.

Advantages of the method of exposure to cold

No matter how dangerous the cold with such low indicators may seem, in reality it only brings benefits, but-provided that it is used competently and professionally.

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In addition, cryotherapy for rejuvenation or for the treatment of a number of pathologies has other beneficial advantages:

it is absolutely painless, unlike injectable methods of therapy;

this technique is practically devoid of dangerous consequences and complications. The exception is rare episodes when, after prolonged sessions, the upper layer of the skin turns slightly red – this is a consequence, but not a complication or side effect;

the speed of achieving results is another "plus" of such sessions. Already after the first treatment, cosmetic changes are noticeable, and the state of health improves at the second or third session;

securing a stable result for a long period – the achieved effectiveness is maintained for many months without repeated sessions.

One of the main advantages is its comprehensive effectiveness. Achieving at the same time aesthetic indicators of the skin, rejuvenation of cells and tissues, this type of physiotherapy has a healing effect on the overall health and correction of anomalies of many organs and even entire systems. Physiological processes in the body also experience only positive effects of cryotherapy factors.

The versatility of this method is also evident in the fact that cryotherapy can be indicated as a separate physiotherapy procedure, or in a complex combination with other therapeutic indications, recommendations and procedures.